Together with Mary

Together with Mary

15th August is a very special day for all of us as we celebrate the solemnity of Assumption of Mary our Mother. It was an occasion for us to turn to Mother Mary for her motherly intervention in our decisions and discernment. During the Eucharist Fr. Giorgio reminded us to be the proclaimers of the Word like our Mother Mary who visited her cousin Elizabeth to tell her that the Lord is here with us…..among us! Since in India, 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day moreover signifying this year (75 years) as platinum jubilee; the assembly prayed for the country. In Japan this day marks as the remembrance of the souls who have passed away.

After having recharged by a day of rest, today with much hope and full of joy we continued with the second phase – ‘Calls from God’ and ‘responding to it in a contemplative style of listening, seeing through and sharing’. The Assembly was invited to spend quality time in the group sharing our dreams on envisioning the future of the Institute by 2034. It was marvellous to see the creative presentation of different groups and the convergence of the points presented by them.

As we were gathered for the meal in the afternoon, since being the independence day of India, the sisters from India were asked to sing their national anthem.

In the afternoon for the first half we continued with the same and then after the break the facilitator helped us to look in the administrative structures at General level.

We concluded the day by thanking God and thanking one another.

Sr. Nirmala Martin.