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Dear SistersHappy  Christmas and  Joyful  Festivities !                                    

Christmas time, time to open our gaze and hearts to the coming of the Lord into our lives.

Time for greetings, exchange of smiles and handshakes, of embraces, now possible, which bring us closer together, shorten distances and restore hope.

Time to make ourselves more welcoming, with affection and awareness that “being present” is a gift, it is a relationship offered and accepted. Relationships are so necessary for us to live, we need to nurture them, they do not evolve by themselves, they are not automatic, they must be renewed constantly in daily life, there where we live by investing energy, whether great or small, challenging the habit of living together that makes it more beautiful, lighter.

Christmas time is living in the “grace” of a Presence that comes towards us, the initiative comes from the Emmanuel, the God with us who makes our life his home, his abode “…and he came to dwell in the midst of us …”

An accessible mystery, inexhaustible in understanding and acceptance, because it contains the “it means more” and “it is also about Love”. A Love that Magdalene contemplated, made her own and condensed into the two precepts of Charity that belong to us, opening the threshold of our finitude to the possibility  of loving God and our Neighbour.

We will never be able to “give ourselves” the energy of Love, and even less the ability to Love without measure.

It is precisely God’s coming, his making Himself close to our nothingness and fragility, that makes it possible and accessible. Only on this condition can we, in turn, make ourselves a kind gesture, a look of compassion, a word that console, a serene presence that lightens the life of the people we meet and that of our fraternity which perhaps suffers from inattentiveness and asks for tenderness, understanding and simplicity.

It is the Christmas greeting that today, before the Lord, we exchange among ourselves, we give to our families, to all those we love. At this time, may we not forget prayers for peace, a sign, a visit, a phone call to a person in need. Let us be close and present to the brothers and sisters we serve through our vocation as Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor.

May the poor person become a privileged guest in this Christmas time, may our gaze know how to discover and meet him/her beyond appearances.

Happy Christmas, to you and your loved ones, to your friends, to all your collaborators, to the laity who share the richness of the Canossian charism with us.

With the Councilors: sr. Albertina, sr. Melissa, sr. Mariana, sr. Josemary HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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