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Today the general house of Ottavia is filled with faces, smiles, hugs… In fact, all the sisters who will participate in the XVII General Chapter, whose theme is “Women of the Word who love without measure”, have arrived.

They represent all the countries where our communities and all the other Canossian Sisters are and who, from all parts of the world, continue to pray for this ecclesial and family event. For sure, also our Canossian Brothers, together with the laity, families, friends and volunteers who love Magdalene’s charism are close to us with their prayer.

The atmosphere is one of joy, fraternity and a bit of trepidation… together with the awareness that it will be a challenging and rich experience for the cultural diversity that characterizes this assembly.

May the Holy Spirit and our Saints Magdalene of Canossa and Josephine Bakhita assist and accompany us with their intercession in order to be signs and instruments of Charity for the benefit of the poorest in the world today.

You can follow the work of the chapter through the daily news that will be published every evening on our website.

Also you can see photos and videos in the appropriate sections and write to the chapter sisters through the “Send a message” that you find in the page of the General Chapter.

It will be great to have you close and to know that you are close to us! Pray for us!

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