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“ I used to have some doubts and fears – how I will adjust to the new culture, new language, new people etc. They were all wiped away yesterday. I experienced the closeness of Jesus and an increase of trust and confidence in Him.  I felt convinced that my call is from Jesus and He will be with me always. The presence of M. General, all the Councillors and Sisters, was a big support and encouragement for me. I felt strongly that I am sent by the Institute with trust.

The Crucifix given to me was heavy. Then I reflected: Jesus carried a heavy cross out of love for me. It meant sacrifice and death but because it was done out of love, the pain He experienced was less and soon the suffering was turned to joy.  He remained faithful to the will of His Father although it was difficult. The end was not suffering, but joy.

I must contemplate Jesus continuously to learn from Him and be ready to live a life of sacrifice, love and faithfulness and give myself completely to Him bringing joy to the people I am sent”.

Sr. Mektilde Noni

“I was filled with gratitude to God for choosing me to continue His work in the world in spite of my unworthiness. I count it as a blessed opportunity to spread the love of Jesus. The words that I repeated, “Here I am, I go in the name of the Lord” touched me very deeply. With a strong conviction I said to myself, I am ready to be the instrument of God.

I was very moved to meet M. General and the Councillors for the first time and receive the Crucifix from the hands of Mother.  As Mother spoke those meaningful words and handed over the Crucifix to me, I felt it was Jesus Himself speaking to me. I want to keep close to Jesus and learn from Him. The words of Pope Francis resound in my ears, “If we want to follow Jesus, we must walk the path He Himself has traced, the way of service. Our fidelity to the Lord depends on our availability to serve.

The trust placed in me by the Institute and the prayerful support of my Sisters were a great encouragement. I felt strongly that I am part of a big family. It filled me with joy to think that although we are of different age groups, from different countries and languages, all of us are sharing in the same charism. St. Magdalene is truly alive today”.

Sr. Beatrix Fransisco

Homily of Fr. Deepak Toppo SJ, a Jesuit priest from Ranchi, India. He has just completed his Licentiate in Ignatian Spirituality from the Gregorian University, Rome. He will be continuing to do his Doctorate from October 2022: click here

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