Strength, perseverance and sagacity

Strength, perseverance and sagacity

Three words accompanied this new day: strength, perseverance and sagacity.

We were invited by the facilitator to work, share, discuss and reflect on our journey as Regions.

Five are the Regions that embrace the Canossian world: CCPAM (Provinces of Argentina-Paraguay, Brazil, North America), CCTAO (Delegation of Australia, Provinces of Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore-Myanmar, Timor Leste), COSME (Province of Italy and European Delegation), PCCI (three Provinces and one Delegation of India) and CCPDA Delegation of Angola-Sao Tomé, of Malawi, of Togo and Provinces of Congo and North-East Africa).

We were stimulated and encouraged to summarize our experiences as regions by taking a contemplative look at our internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats (SWOT).

It was nice to enter into the meanders of our regional journey and realize how much the Spirit has pushed us, awakened us, cradled us and spurred us to come together and find beyond the differences in languages, ecclesial and social realities what unites us: the same charism, our passion for the poor.

This listening and this analysis of the different Regions, shared later in the assembly, provoked in us astonishment for a synergy that enveloped us and spurred us to continue with enthusiasm and prophecy our Canossian “being” in the world.

The day ended with an attentive listening to the report of the Institute Treasurer. We thank the Lord for this day!

Irma Manoela Pereira Nunes
Irma Cristina Rossini