Searching together…

Searching together…

We begun the day under the protection of St. Clare, woman in love with the Lord, attentive and committed to the social reality of her time even though she always lived in her monastery.

After having become more aware of our world’s situation, this morning we started reflecting on the contest of our Institute, listening to the syntheses of  all the sisters’ requests, including the diverse emphasis and the challenges presented by Sr. Laura Venturi, who was applauded for her clarity and precision.

We have read in detail and tried to understand the sisters’ desires for the Institute. Thus we feel the responsibility to search together for solutions at different levels which will help us all to have a greater sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

The meeting ended with the intervention of M. Enrica Zorloni who informed us about the work of our saints’ postulation.

In union with prayers

Sr. Anna Maria Serafini