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It is with much gratitude to the Lord that we now arrive at the conclusion of the 2nd Phase of our Provincial Chapter, after the long hiccup of over two and a half years which brought to a stop the reconfiguration process of the Institute. With the grace of Divine Providence, we finally managed to conclude the General Chapter in August 2022, to be followed up then by this 2nd Phase of our Provincial Chapter, from 28th – 31st January 2023.

After much prayer for light and direction from the Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother Mary and our Saintly Foundress, and with the shared insights of all Chapter Delegates, we truly went through a positive experience of “interculturality”, in synodality, welcoming the diversity of different mentalities, open to the light coming from all quarters with fruitful exchanges. We travelled a path of prayer and dialogue, the Word of God and a sincere search for what the Lord is asking of our Province for the coming six years (2022-2028) that could help us become more truly “Women of the Word, loving without measure” and reconfiguring ourselves to “a life of holiness in and for the mission, today.” We earnestly desire to be more credible, a “new wineskin”, to welcome the “new wine” of today’s society in our mission land of Hong Kong-Macau-China.


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