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“Consecrated to witness the Word to the World”

“Great things happen when God mixes with us,
great and beautiful, wonderful things
Great things happen when God mixes with us”

Yes, when God accompanied St. Magdalene of Canossa and her daughters, marvellous things happened. As we delve deep into the pages of yester years we fold our hands and bend our knees before the Almighty and sing aloud “How great are you O Lord”.

The power of Christ Crucified and the Spirit of Our Lady of Sorrows were the leading forces for our predecessors to reach the remotest regions of 32 countries of the world to make Jesus known and loved. The daughters of St. Magdalene servants of the poor are ever creative through their MISSION to proclaim “THE GREATEST LOVE” of the Father to the humanity. Empowered by the WORD of GOD we walk with the time to proclaim that Holiness is possible in today’s world.

As the Canossian family proudly voyage forward, we are gifted with one more precious pebble of Ophir, a blessed event to be added on the golden pages of our history. Having drunk deeply from the precious divinity of the crucified Master four of our sisters Sojiya Varghese, Sherine Christudas, Sumitha Babu and Stephy Sebastian have come forward to freely offer themselves forever to be the BODY of CHRIST to this world, to continue the redemptive work of God.

These sisters have savoured the Canossian Charism, lived the community communion through formation and are convinced of the Synodal proclamation in the Mission. On 3/12/2022 at 10.00 am surrounded by Canossian family members, parents, relatives, friends, and well wishers these courageous sisters proclaimed solemnly their FINAL VOWS. The Queen of Arabian Sea and the monument of the city of Kochi, “Santa Cruz Basilica” witnessed the event of our Sisters Professing their “Final Yes”  Solemn entrance to the Basilica led all of us enter into the celestial ecstasy as angles and flower girls on either side escorted to walk along with his Excellency, Rt.Rev.Dr.Joseph Kariyil, the Bishop of Kochin Diocese. Those moments led us to experience the divine presence and enjoy the gift of life. Life seemed more beautiful and rewarding as we witnessed our sisters surrendering their life to God. “What thanks O Lord can we render Thee”

Kannur is a land of hills and mountains where greens has covered the land,. It is in this land that Sr.Sojiya was born into a village called Vilakannur. She is the second child of the three children of Mr.Varghese and Mrs. Thankamma. Her meekness and generosity of life is blessed and rewarded with MBBS certificate. She is ready to serve the suffering and ailing humanity. A physician for the poor.  She belongs to the Queen of Peace Province, India North.

Sherin is born in Poonthura in Trivandrum District, Kerala. She is the 8th child among the nine children of Mr.Christudas and Mrs. Celin Mary. God blessed her with a sharp mind and a capacity to excel in her studies. She has come out with LLB certificate to stand by the poor who are exploited and denied Justice. She will strive for the wellness of the poor of our society.

In Trivandrum District, Kariyamkode is the birth place of Sumitha who is the youngest daughter of Mr.Babu and Mrs. Lilly. Her enthusiasam to serve the sick moulded her to be a Doctor. She has a certificate of MBBS with her today and soon she will enter into the field of serving the sick in the village.

Stephy hails from Kattur, a village in Allappuzh District, Kerala. She is the eldest of the three children of Mr. Sebastian and Mrs.Elizabeth. She has secured a certificate in Post Graduation in M.Sc, Botany. She serves the students to come up in life to be self confident and stand on their foot, becoming a support to the family.

Thanks to the Lord of all ages for calling these four sisters to be His witnesses. May the Lord assist them along the way to witness the World to the world.

Congratulations and best wishes dear Sisters.

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