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Today we had the first English Mass celebrated by Fr. Francis Lee, OFM who is a lecturer on comparative theology at the University of Urbania. He reminded us about the importance of a single grain of wheat among the many grains as in the Gospel of the day. He mentioned not to be discouraged if one’s voice is not heard with reference to the general chapter. Each person’s effort and participation are important for the grains of wheat to grow and bear much rice in the field.

At the beginning of the sessions, our sisters of Northeast Africa reminded us of the necessity to grow in holiness as in the song “Refiner’s Fire”. The sisters read the reading from the letter to the Corinthians on the value of love that bears all things and ended with a prayer to St. Magdalene.

Sr. Maria Angela Massenti shared with us her experiences working at the inter-congregational community for the service of migrants in Caltanisetta – Sicilia, Italy   which is supported by the UISG and diocese. The community is made up of 3 sisters who reached out to the Afghanistans, Nigerians and Morocons.  They helped in legalizing the documents of the migrants, helping them to insert into the culture and life in Italy, teaching Italian language, counselling and so on.

We also had a zoom meeting with the Lay Canossians of Argentina. They recommended that we become close to the people, discover what is happening around us, act fast, share more of ourselves, deepen our sense of belonging as a family of fathers, brothers, sisters and lay, and care for new vocations to guarantee the handing down of the charism.  They asked us to be closed to the Crucified Lord and memories of St. Magdalene so as not to be tired of doing good, courageous, and happy in the Lord.

Before lunch we were asked to look at the world with a contemplative gaze and were asked to have group sharing on the cries of the earth and of the poor to which the Institute should pay attention today and why?

The afternoon sessions were reports from the team of Voica, Foundation and Web Communications followed by groupings of Fraternità for building relationships.

Sr. Sta Maria Margarete

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