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The day began with the celebration of the Eucharist animated by the Sisters from the Province of Congo who also led various moments of prayer through the day. Setting the tone for the day, Fr Adriano Carazzolo encouraged us to allow the charism to be the oil in our lamps as we strive to be and become the light for our world.

Inspired by this challenge, we commenced the first of our four days reflecting on the theme: ‘A stranger on the road.’ The day was spent exploring an overview of the complexities of our world in this particular moment of history. Our facilitator, Br Emil, reminded us that the Lord speaks to us through the reality of the world, even if we do not have all the answers. Instead, we were encouraged to try and love the questions themselves, without seeking the answers; To live the questions now, so that perhaps one day we can live the answers.

Using different modalities, including viewing a short film entitled ‘The Overview Effect’, watching many pictures of people impacted by different challenges of this moment in history and a written reflection entitled: ‘State of the world: civilizational crisis, drama or tragedy’ by Leonardo Boff, Sisters were challenged to explore contemplatively the complex reality of the world in which we live. Whilst we became even more aware of our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, we need the courage to give a long loving look at this reality, even if it is uncomfortable.

In light of this, we considered how we feel about the current state of the world and how we choose to experience this historical moment.

In the afternoon session, we were inspired by reflections from Br Emili, who challenged us to consider that perhaps part of our mission today is to be pioneers of a new epoch, accompanying others with light, conscious that, ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’ (June Jordan).

An Emmaus walk with two other Sisters and time spent together in fraternal groups, gave us a chance to connect and share regarding what the Lord is telling us today.

As we continue the journey of the General Chapter, we pray for the grace to truly touch the wounds of those we serve.

sr Melissa Dwyer

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