India South East – Delegation

Brief history of The Province


The South East India Delegation has 10 communities and we reach out in humble service to our people in five dioceses viz. Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Khammam, Berhampur and Rayagada. Except the house in Visakhapatnam, all the other houses are situated in very remote rural area. The Delegation has 51 members as professed religious carrying out the mission of Jesus in the footsteps of the Foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa. All our activities carried out, keeping in mind the holistic uplift of the poor and downtrodden according to the Gospel Values in conformity with the teachings of Jesus.

Women empowerment programme started in all the communities and in view of empowering them by providing capacity building programs, literacy for the adults, leadership trainings and promote the women as leaders in the village, conducting meetings and discuss their problems, training in accounts and book keeping, awareness creation among them in their social needs and problems, etc. Through these activities we are directly involved with 3500 women and their husbands and children. These activities paved the way for the transformation of their lives. We take care of the orphans, the old and destitute and HIV/AIDS patients.

We focus our attention to the people in their economical development with their participation. We could create in them the habit of savings from the meager income, provide skill training, promotion in sales by starting petty shops to do business, rearing milk animals to sell milk to earn a living, etc. We could save them from the clutches of the money lenders. 41 villages have benefited from these income generating activities.

We started English Medium schools in Payakaraopeta & Bathili with the intention of promoting education among the rural poor. we have Non-Formal education especially for the adults in 10 villages. We render our service to the Diocesan boarding at Veeraghattam in Srikakulam districts, at Gopalapuram for the tribal students. We render our service in the Diocesan school at Nellipaka in Khammam Diocese. We are conducting free tuition centers in 48 villages in different Mandals and rendering our service to the students on a regular basis. We provide guides to the school going students from the lower strata of the society to help them in their studies.

We provide medical assistance to the people of the locality through our Canossa Hospital, Veeraghattam, Dispensaries in Bathili, Draksharam and Jubo-Odisha, Mobile Clinic for the rural poor, Home based care for the HIV/AIDS patients, Care of persons with disability- physical and mental, etc. This hospital is mostly serving and caring for the most poor in the locality and tribal areas.

The ultimate aim of all our mission is Evangelization. We make Jesus known and loved through all our apostolate. We visit the families in the areas of our work and help them in to live a good family life. We conduct a prayer service which will ultimately pave the way for bringing peace and harmony in the family. We render our collaboration and cooperation in the Parish activities. We prepare the people and children to receive sacraments, teach catechism in the parishes and Substations.