India North

Brief history of The Province

Evolution of the Province: Queen of Peace Province India North is born of the Mother Province, St. Francis Xavier – India Center and named as North Delegation in 1982. And later it grew to the status of ‘Vice Province India North’ in 1988. As St. Paul said “I planted, Apollo gave water and God gives the life”; the Vice Province India North slowly increased in number of sisters and communities and so it was formally declared as a Province viz. Queen of Peace North India on 1st January1991 with seven houses, 92 professed sisters, 7 Novices and 3 Postulants.

The present scenario of the Province

Demography of the Province: At present there are 20 communities spread out in six states and serving in seven Catholic dioceses. The total number of sisters is 129 of which 123 finally professed sisters and six temporarily professed. We have also two Novices, three Postulants and 15 Aspirants. Age Distribution of sisters as follows 61 to above 80 years, 54 sisters; 41 to 60 years, 52 sisters and 25 to 40 years = 23 sisters.

Our Ministries of Charity: Education – The province has nine educational Institutions out of which four are Primary schools, one high school and four Inter Colleges. The significance of Canossian education is that it always prefers poor and downtrodden of the society. It offers not only excellent education but also value education and total development of the persons in the areas of spiritual, psychological, physical, intellectual and social. At present about 12000 students are receiving education in our schools and besides 310 teachers there 31 sisters who are involved in education ministry in our schools; moreover there are about 25 sisters who are teaching in different diocesan schools.

Pastoral Care of the sick – The Province has a maternity hospital and four health Centers. Sisters in the ministry are well trained as Nurses, Administrators, Anesthetists and Pharmacist and one sister is studying for medicine (doctor). There are also civil doctors and nurses who assist us in the hospital and dispensaries. Most of the patients are from village and backward areas that are economically poor. Promoting life and holistic health is the aim of PCS. Besides medication, the sisters also conduct health and hygiene awareness programmes in the villages. There are about 15 sisters who are involved in the ministry of PCS.

Evangelization: Being a part of the Church we collaborate wholeheartedly in all the pastoral activities of the parish by teaching Catechism, youth ministry, Small Christian Communities, family visits, animating parish associations, participating in pastoral council meeting and preparing children, youth and adults for the Sacraments. We promote harmony, peace and respect among different religions, sects and castes through interreligious dialogue and interreligious prayers services. In our institutions the students and teachers are offered Gospel values and moral ethics as part of curriculum. Evangelization is a common thread runs through all the ministries.

Promotion of JPIC: The values of justice, peace and integrity of creation are promoted through awareness activities on the importance of saving our environment and leading an eco-friendly life; women empowerment, vocational training for rural youth, education for dropouts, Feeding malnourished, adult education, boarding facilities for tribal and poor students, etc. are the social empowerment activities by which the sisters reach out to the beloveds of our Mother Foundress.

Lay Canossian Association: The Province has nine Lay Canossian groups in nine communities. Monthly and annually programmes are organised as part of their formation. Regular meetings as well as planning & execution of various activities are done locally. They take part in all the activities in their resp. parishes.

Ad gentes: There are many sisters who have gone as Ad gentes from north India. But after the formation of the Province there are five sisters who opted for Ad gentes and are serving in the missions and out of five two are back to the Province. One sister (Nurse) is giving a temporary service in New Mexico.


PCCI meeting

PCCI meeting

Provincial and Delegation Councils of PCCI gathered in Lucknow, India North, for their annual face-to-face meeting.