The Chapter entered its final phase

The Chapter entered its final phase

The Chapter entered its final phase, that of making decisions on the direction we want to give the Institute over the next six years. During the Eucharistic Celebration, Fr. Naveen Rebelo, SVD reminded us how the theme of our Chapter “Women of the Word who love without measure” refers to our identity as contemplatives in action. We are called to live the balance between being women who contemplate the Lord in the Word and those who put it into action in mission, loving without measure.

He also left us his wish as an A, B C D, E of our mission:

  1. Accompanying leaders
  2. Believing in team work
  3. Creatives and charismatic disciples
  4. Dialoging prophetic women
  5. Empowering testimonies by sharing your personal mission stories.

The group works, throughout the day, have been the workshop to put these words into practice, and we hope that, supported by your prayers and under the guidance of the Spirit, we will be able to continue our journey of loving without measure with the spirit of Magdalene.

Sr. Valeria Martinez