The celebration of 250th anniversary of the birth of St. Magdalene of Canossa was inaugurated at the start of the Solemn Eucharist on 12th March at St.Thomas Church Kidwai nagar, Kanpur. India North. The portrait of St.Magdalene was unveiled by the parish priest Rev.Fr. Stany Wilfred D’Souza and garlanded by Rev.Fr.Melwin Wilson D’ Souza principal of St.Thomas School, as the Lay Canossians and Sisters stood with lighted candles. In the introduction Mrs Mariam Maccurtis Lay Canossian explained the life of St.Madgalene of Canossa. Mr.Lancy D’Souza left no stone unturned so the whole parish sang the hymn “Oh. Magdalene Canossa ki teri jai jai kar ho..” with full gusto and fervour. The meaningful liturgy, melodious singing and the thoughts of St.Magadalene flashed on the screen off and on made the day a memorable one. The parish priest invited and encouraged the youth to participate in the Logo competition “Set Life on  Fire…”