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In the months of December and January, it is severe winter in north India so usually no meetings are held at this time; but Chapter was an exceptional gathering of our province. In spite of the cold 31 Sisters travelled from different parts of the province to participate in this family event. Meeting one another warmed up everyone and geared to a positive beginning of the Applicative chapter on 08.01.2023.

The Holy Eucharist was celebrated to invoke the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. At 09.a.m the Capitulars were welcomed to the chapter hall with the white scarf by the provincial, Sr. Zinia De Souza followed by a meaningful opening prayer and official opening of the applicative chapter. The president addressed the chapter members and shared the salient features XVII General chapter. The animation and presentation of the processes was done by the facilitator Rev. Fr. Shyam Prasad FdCC from Kannur, Kerala.

The discussions, discernment & consensus in groups as well as in the assembly led us to go through a process of arduous but insightful journey before we arrived at final draft of provincial resolutions and statutes. Directory and XVII General Chapter document gave us a clear direction in all the proceedings and deliberations. These documents helped us to have deep awareness of our poverties and insights for new direction towards holiness and mission today.

We thank God Almighty who accompanied us with His grace. All through the Applicative Chapter the moderator did a commendable job of steering, focusing and animating the assembly time to time. On 13the January 2023 at 12.30p.m the chapter concluded with a thanksgiving Holy Eucharist.


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