Gift, service, everything that leads us to play in reality.
We continue our reflection on the fundamental themes of the human in this new issue of VitaPiù characterized by a polyphony of voices.

In order to delve into the dynamics of gift and how it can transform our lives, we begin with a charismatic inspiration, with a rereading of the texts of the Foundress on ministeriality. Then a reading of the Word, this time entrusted to a married missionary couple, Federica and Andrea. There were also important resonances and questions on the socio-economic side, because the dynamic of gift subverts the dominant economic paradigm, and on contemporary thought.

There were many testimonies from the Canossian world, “strong” testimonies of service, of communities that live intense, extreme experiences, of closeness to the last ones that stimulate us to walk towards the General Chapter, of which we are now at the threshold.

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