Happy Easter, dear Sisters!

It arises spontaneously within ourselves to ask: “How can we live the Easter joy in this time when we are faced with so much pain especially for the current on-going war in Europe and in other parts of the world where death and destruction seem to prevail?”
We, in many Countries are witnesses and we share deeply in the sufferings of the people.  How many crucified ones!

We insistently ask the Lord to intensify our faith which nourishes our hope.

Pope Francis in the audience of May 26, 2021, affirmed:

“Evil is never the lord of the last day, evil is the lord of the penultimate day, do not forget this  Holy Saturday is not the final chapter because on the third day or Sunday Jesus resurrects.  The last day belongs to the Risen

 Jesus.  On the last day there is the Resurrection.

 It is the day of joy.

“Peace to you!”  (Jn 20:19) is the greeting of the risen Jesus to the Apostles.  His word is creative, it takes away fear and anguish and rekindle peace where it is extinguished.

Let us pray intensely, dear Sisters, that the Lord hastens his joyful coming. May the risen Jesus grant us his peace and make us bearers of the Easter joy.

Let us join Mary who after having lived the agony with her Son on the cross experiences the great joy of meeting her risen Son.

Together with the Sisters of the Council, I wish you all the best.