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News from the Canossian world
n. 2 August 2015
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The spirit of the Institute compels us to give up everything and be prepared to serve God, going even to the remotest countries of the world.
Thoughts of our Foundress
Curia News


Just a short pause in Ottavia, then the members of the General Council were on their way again to another part of the world. This time, They will meet not only the members of the Provincial Councils but all the Sisters of the respective Communities. They will see all the...

A Missionary of JOY

Fernanda Riva was born in Monza, Italy on April 17th 1920. The parents truly believed that the new born is not only a gift but also a dream of God. She was very sensitive, sweet natured, well aware of how important it is to spread consolation and goodness. She attracted...

“A gift of love at the service of the proclamation of the Gospel. . .”

“Missionary Month 2015″ To all the Sisters of the Institute Dear Sisters, Last August, we have concluded our meeting with the Provincial/Delegation Teams spread throughout the Canossian world. It has been a beautiful experience and rich in opportunities.  We were able to spend few days with the Sisters and certainly,...

Community News

12 Ottobre, la nostra Provincia Canossiana è in Festa.

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Le Madri di Piabetà sanno fare questo molto bene

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The flames have eaten the future of our children

July 17 in La Plata in Argentina, the flames are shooting laboratories and facilities that with so much effort and, also thanks to your help, had been...

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