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News from the Canossian world
n.2 June 2014
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Our undertakings, even though they are well organized, always require much prayer.
Thoughts of our Foundress
Curia News

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

“Tell even your friends … to make them understand what Our Lady can really do. Tell my dear friend Durini she can throw away the scruple that I love Her too much. Had we to reduce ourselves into dust for Her, we would not pay even the smallest part of...

My visit to South India and the Delegation of Andhra–Odisha

It was a refreshing experience meeting the Sisters of Andhra–Odisha after not seeing them for 3 years and discover how much the Delegation has grown since then. This small Delegation, which began in 2009, has currently a total of 42 Sisters and 8 Communities. They are truly responding to the...

Renewal of the Provincial Councils

Dear Sisters, with this letter we officially begin the process of consultation for the renewal of the Provincial Councils for the next three-year term, 2015-2018. It is a delicate and demanding moment, in which prayer and discernment are very important. Download the letter of the Congregational...

Community News

My visit to CIE, Ponte Galeria, Rome

I joined this group of Religious Sisters who visit the CIE Centre at Ponte Galeria in Rome (CIE, Centro per Identificazione ed Espulsione) way back in late...

Presentation of the new superior: Sr Matilde

Ottavia,  4th  September 2014, 6 p.m., the Community of the General House, Sisters and the General Councillors, gathered together in the beautiful Chapel of the General House...

Ex students in Schio: the freshness of meeting again

Are they guests? No, thank you! It was an important occasion and an experience of the beauty of an encounter, of an enrichment and a great emotion...

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