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n.1 March 2014
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I place you in the arms of Our Lady of Sorrows who, if you trust her, will undoubtedly support you and give you the consolation you need.
Thoughts of our Foundress
Curia News

Joyful Easter from the Congregational Leader

Easter 2014 Dearest Sisters and friends, This is the hymn that echoes today in the Church, in the lives of each one of us and throughout the world. This is the message that nourishes our faith, the hope and the reality of NEW LIFE inaugurated by the Risen Lord. New...

A brief journey of faith

The General Council, together with both the General Secretary and the General Bursar, agreed on how to make a brief journey of faith. It took place on Thursday 20th March, a wonderful morning tinged with blue. We set out for a brief faith journey to consign to Our Lady, “S....

Symposium general bursars

Faith, the Gospel and our belonging to the Church are the guiding thread and unifying reason for every action, even in the economic sphere. In the use of goods our witness must be clearly demonstrated by our way of living, practicing justice, equity and love. The efficacy of our technical...

Community News

Empowering Youth to be Agents of Change

Our mission statement at Bakhita Secondary School is empowering youth to be agents of change. It was these words that motivated us to organize a joint leadership...

Timor Leste – My Canossian Religious Vocation

“ Tan Na’i nia domin Hau saran – an ba nafatin” Mem II, 43 With our hearts filled with gratitude we, five young Sisters, joyfully praise God...

Indonesia – About our celebration

No words could describe how happy we were in celebrating the anniversaries of religious life of our dearest Sisters and twenty-five (25) years of our Canossian mission...

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