XVII General Chapter 2022


Introduction: Fratelli e Sorelle Tutti

Sunday 7Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Giorgio Spinello – Canossian Information – Logistics – Orientation Presentation by Br. Emili Turù Rofes – Marist – Facilitator mutual knowledge – “From Delegates to Capitulars” Logo presentation Presentation overall program of the 17th General Chapter
Monday 8Official opening of the XVII General Chapter Prayer Prolusion of the Superior General Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Innocenzo Gargano OSB- Monaco – Camaldolese – formerly Abbot Start of work

Awareness of the world

Tuesday 9Start of work on General Chapter XVII – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Adriano Carazzolo, Canossian missionary – Context and reality: “What world do we live in?” – State of the World: Crisis of Civilisation, Drama or Tragedy? – What does it mean to be religious in a time of collapse?
Wednesday 10Present in an intercultural and globalized world – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Francis Lee, Franciscan -The cries of the earth and the cries of the poor – Participation structures: Found – VOICA – SCCWeb (Spazio Comunicazione Canossiana Web)

Awareness of the Institute

Thursday 11Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Gianfranco Lunardon, Camillian, Vicar General – Result of consultation before Chapter – What do we learn about the consultation of the Sisters? – Postulation
Friday 12Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Albert Alejo, Jesuit – State of the Institute. Working by Regions – Institute overview – Report of the General Burser

God’s calls

Saturday 13 Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Rymond Festin, Society of the Divine Word – Report of the Congregational Leader – Dialogue – What points need the attention of the Chapter? – What is the Lord telling me?
Sunday 14Free day
Monday 15Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Giorgio Spinello, Canossian – Visioning – Dialogue – General Council: number and structure
Tuesday 16Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Josè Magadia, Jesuit, Assistant General – Main areas for the future – Commissions

Implication – Themes

Wednesday 17Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Philip Yuguin Shi, Jesuit – Continuation of work
Thursday 18Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Mincheol Kim, Jesuit – What to entrust to the next sexennium – Priorities of the Institute

Discernment and prayer

Friday 19Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Amedeo Cencini, Canossian – Characteristics of the Superior General and Council – Personal time for discernment – Possibility of spiritual conversation with others – Consultative vote – Most Voted Sisters List
Saturday 20Eucharist celebrated by Mons. Antonio Panfili, Episcopal Vicar of Consecrated Life Family celebration – Election of the Superior General – Sharing on possible names for the Council – Consultative vote – Most Voted Sisters List
Sunday 21Election of the General Council – Fr. Carlo Bittante – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Carlo Bittante – Superior General of the Canossian Sons of Charity –
Monday 22Pilgrimage of thanksgiving to Our Lady of Divine Love Eucharist 10:00 am Presided over by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re

Topics – Documents – Resolutions

Tuesday 23Presentation of the New Directory and approval – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Naveen Rebello, Society of the Divine Word
Wednesday 24“The Mission” Ad Gentes Guidelines Presentation – Temporary Service – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Gilbert Freire, Jesuit
Thursday 25 Topics – Documents – Resolutions Study groups on Priorities – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Gilbert Freire, Jesuit
Friday 26Audience with the Holy Father
Saturday 27Topics – Documents – Resolutions – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Jacob Nampudakan, Pallottine Fathers – Drafting of the Final Document and Resolutions
Sunday 28Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Stefano Canuto, Augustinian – Meeting with the Charismatic Canossian Family Lay (Canossian Association – Lay Canossian Brothers and Sisters)
Monday 29 Continuation of work – Approval of final document – Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Hugh McKenna, Franciscan
Tuesday 30Message of the Superior General – Liturgy of the “Commissioning” – Closing of the XVII General Chapter – Concluding Eucharistic Celebration presided by S. E. Mons. Claudio Giuliodori, General Ecclesiastical Assistant of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart