Brief history of The Province:

The Province of “Divine Mercy” – Indonesia was canonically erected on 6th January, 2009; however, its foundation dates back as early as 1986, when the first Sisters served at the Nunciature, staying in Sangaji, Central Jakata. On 17 November 1989, its first house formally opened in Bintaro, South Jakarta and was made part of the Province of St. Joseph – Timor Leste. From 1989 to 2007, Indonesia experienced rapid growth in terms of vocation and thus expansion with the opening of six other houses/communities. To facilitate governance/administration and formation of the growing organism,it was made a Delegation of Timor Leste in 2007 until it formally became a Province in 2009.

At present, there are 8 regular communities, one ad experimentum community and an apostolic group spread out in 7 dioceses.

Three communities are fully dedicated to the first ministry(education) – two of which are with our own school, from Kindergarten to primary (Kupang and Kasongan). One is administering a diocesan school also of Kindergarten and primary (Gianyar-Bali).
There is one community with a Retreat house. The Sisters in this community also teach in non-Canossian Private/Catholic Schools in Jakarta.
There is another community in Nurobo, Atambua, which is multi-ministerial with its Skills Training Center; a PolyClinic, a Village Kindergarten school; and Parish Assistance.
One Community which houses the elderly and sick Sisters which is also apostolic with several sisters teaching in Catholic non-Private/Canossian Schools in Jakarta.
There is one community for theprofessional preparation in various fileds of study (Yogjakarta);
Three communities recently opened this year consist of – the Novtiate Community (Jakarta); the Ad Experimentum Community with 2 Sisters working in a Diocesan Hospital and two others for pastoral assistance in the Diocese/parish(Palangkaraya); and the Apostolic Group of two sisters, is also dedicated to the teaching ministry. We look forward to re-enforcing this group with a third member by the end of the year (Bogor Mission).
To prepare and qualify sisters for ministry – there are 11 sisters doing their college/university studies.

Novices – 4 (1 second year; 3 first year)
There are 77 sisters – 21 of whom are Junior Sisters and 53 perpetually professed.
Of the 77 sisters, 60 are Indonesians; eight Timorese, five Filipinos, two Italians; one Malaysian and one Singaporean.
Divine Mercy Province is a very young Province with its 53 sisters with ages 25-40;
(Green group); 9 sisters with ages 41-50 (pink group); one of age 61-70 (Yellow); and 7 in the71-80 age group (purple).
Temporary Service and Ad Gentes – There are 8 missionary ad gentes sisters and 4 Temporary Service in the Province; while there is one Sister rendering temporary service to the General Curia.