Escorts and Military Bands of Pueblo Technological Institute visited Morelos Educational Institute

During the XXVIII National Meeting of Escorts and Military Bands of the National Technology of Mexico, which took place on February 24, 2023, the 42 delegates from different schools of the said institution started, on Thursday, February 23 they had presentations in the different educational institutions around the city of Chihuahua, Mexico  and in the neighboring towns, one of them was Morelos Educational Institute, of the Canossian Sisters, who received the delegation of the Technological Institute of Puebla (another state of Mexico).

30 members of the Escort and Military Band of the Technological Institute of Puebla performed a military drill as they visited the said school, the group of students who traveled from Puebla presented their skills.

Accompanied by teachers and administrative staff, the students of Morelos were able to witness the presentation of the military drill, which was held on the courts of the Morelos Institute,

In addition, the Band and Escort of the host school (Morelos) also show their skills to the guests from Puebla, the school group was composed of six young students who marched on the courts of their own school.