Canossian educators visiting italian canossian realities

Canossian educators visiting italian canossian realities

In this group from Singapore there are 18 of them with 1 Canossian sister Theresa Seow as supervisor of the Canossa Village Besides the principal of canossa Catholic primary school mrs Eugenie Tan (Canossa village comprises of the primary school)

There were teachers school counsellors social workers speech therapist and other supporting staff.. The only man in the group is the vice principal of the primary school

Special Needs school for those with speech impairment plus Canossaville children n community services which include preschool child development unit family care services n student care!

As such an integrated village for students from 18 months up to 12 years old.

On the 26th Nov they arrived at Milan and they visited convent at via della Chiusa; then they visited Como school and they continued to visit the school in Mompiano and via Diaz (Brescia).

They reached Verona casa Madre, Canossa palace and San Zeno and then they moved to Schio and the Shrine of Madonna della corona. Next was Padova to pray at st Anthony’s basilica and Patron Saint of Singapore province. They also visited Venice and Assisi and finally they reached Rome where they attended papal audience with holy Father.

On the 6th in the night the group had a recreation so well animated with the Sisters of Ottavia’ community. Christmas Songs, dances together, videos showing the School activities enjoyed the evening. We could not miss an Italian ice cream…

The main purpose of the visit was to let the educators touch with hand the Canossian Charisme throughout the Italian ministries. The group was very happy on all they received. And the Sisters in the different Italian communities too.