Time of grace!

Time of grace!

Today, the 30th August we have completed our 17th General Chapter: let us give thanks to God for His constant presence! It has been a wonderful time, a time of grace!

With the message of the new Mother General, Mother Sandra Maggiolo, and her Councilors, we started the day with a different dynamic.

A beautiful moment of prayer, where we expressed the concrete experience of these 24 days, seeking together the common good; M Sandra gave us a symbol, a sign of our desire to be Women of the Word in the mission.

In the second part of the morning, we had the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Bishop Claudio Giuliodori.

During his homily, he emphasized 3 fundamental aspects of today’s Word of God :

1- the Word teaches: Jesus wants to unite man to God,

2- the Word is manifested in authority,

3- the Word liberates.

After communion, an image of Our Lady of Fatima passed through the chapel together with a blue mantle flying over all the Sisters present; some lighted candles were gradually added near the altar to signify the readiness of us Canossian Sisters to follow Mary’s example. She was the one who welcomed the Word of God into her life with love and tenderness. Like her, we want to be women of the Word, welcoming it and allowing ourselves to be transformed by it. For we believe that the Word of God heard, meditated upon and shared enlivens our lives and those of our brothers and sisters.

It is also the day of the first departures…. Italy says goodbye… Bon voyage and see you soon in the mission, dear Sisters!

Sr. Albertina Luis dos Santos