The chapter is coming to an end

The chapter is coming to an end

Francis Lee OFM (who had already celebrated on 10/08/22, Professor of Comparative Theology at the Urbanian University in Rome) celebrated the Mass in English. He reminded us that we have already done three weeks and that the chapter is coming to an end.

Today we remembered St John the Baptist whom Herod had beheaded because he had told him the truth about Herodias.

The celebrating Father focused his homily more on a part of the theme of our General Chapter, already commented by the Holy Father on 26th August during the General Audience: reconfiguration “for the mission” today. All of us are sent on mission and at the same time called to holiness: despite the difficulties we encounter, it is through our daily tasks (all our works) that we will sanctify ourselves, entrusting ourselves to God’s grace.

At 9.00 a.m. in the Chapter Hall, we continued our work on the Final Document and resolutions, which we had begun to write over the past few days: the major strands of interculturality, formation, governance and mission were much appreciated. In the afternoon, the approval of the Agenda and the Message to be sent to the Sisters closed our work.

Rose DEGUE, Delegate from Togo.