To be light for the world…

To be light for the world…

Dearest Sisters, let us thank the Lord for this day. Today Fr. Philip Shi S.J. celebrated for us the Eucharist.

He was a surgeon and left the surgical table to serve at the table of the altar of the Lord. In his homily he enkindled in us a spark of hope, speaking about the witness of our first Mothers who left for the mission in Hong Kong in 1860. He pointed out their great charity, sharing with the people all they had. This is a historical treasure available even to us today as a starting point… for all of us.

With joy we brought to the altar a lightened lamp and placed it high, so that it may enlightened us from within and may shine outwardly for our brothers and sisters who suffer and ask for justice and peace.

The Chapter challenges us to be “Women of the Word”, and we shall be so in as much as we open our heart to compassion, to the reality close to us. As Mary, as St. Magdalene and St. Bakhita let us learn to be “Announcers of the Word”. Let us bring Jesus there where life calls and cries. We are the workers that the Lord calls at any time to heal the wounds of the world, with humility, charity, and dialogue.

We invoke with strength and hope the presence of the Holy Spirit on us. Keep us supporting us with your prayer in a very special way today as Indonesia celebrates 77 years of its independence.

Sr. Lucia Antonio – Angola/Sao Tomé Delegation