The people who need others are the happiest

The people who need others are the happiest

Our day opened with a Eucharistic celebration celebrated by Fr Jude Raymund Festin, SVD, in English.

Starting with the Gospel of the day, the father helped us to understand that we are called to take on the heart and attitudes of a child to enter the Kingdom of heaven.  Jesus too lived His existence practicing the virtue of abandonment and dependence on the Father. His whole life was a dependence on His Father. Jesus was never ashamed of needing others. So too, if we want to be happy, we must be people who need others.

In the Chapter Hall, the morning opened with the report of Mother General who showed us THE CONGREGATION IN ITS TOTALITY. Our Institute is a beautiful reality made up of 2094 Consecrated Women, present in 32 nations, in 293 Communities and 12 Apostolic Groups.

After an introduction, which invites us to put, at the center of our lives, the Word of God and to feel ourselves in synodality, Mother General presented us some challenges that the Institute will have to consider in the next future: interculturality, formation and reconfiguration.

This was followed by a personal time for re-reading the Superior General’s report and then sharing in the groups; meeting in the assembly, we were able to see how the Spirit had brought us to a wonderful convergence of contents.

We are truly one heart and one family united in view of the one mission.

Tomorrow we have a free day ahead of us… the daily news will return on Monday evening: Happy Sunday and Happy Feast of the Assumption to all!

sr Mariastella Kadi