Process of Riconfiguration. Letter of Congregational Leader

Process of Riconfiguration. Letter of Congregational Leader

Dear Sisters,

On the feast of All Saints, my best wishes for us to grow in holiness so that each of us may be “a message which the Holy Spirit takes from the riches of Jesus Christ and gives to His people” (GE 21). It is a great opportunity to have every day the possibility to requalify our life out of love for Him and for the sisters and brothers.

I would like to inform you that from 21 October we began, via zoom, a joint reflection on the reconfiguration of the Regions which will continue until mid-December. We are holding meetings with all the Sisters of the Provincial and Delegation Councils belonging to the five Regions into which our Institute is divided.

These are structures of participation (RoL 98) which were formed in the years from 1997 to 2004 which aim to facilitate communion, collaboration, interculturality in order to develop an overall vision and take common orientations in a climate of synodality in order to promote our Mission.

These structures born in a time span of 24 years need to be revised. It is necessary to ask ourselves if they have achieved the goals they have proposed, consider the changes that have occurred in the Organisms and the variants of these 24 years in which new Provinces and Delegations have been borne.  Some Organisms are developing and growing, others are suffering the diminution of the number of Sisters and Works.

The regional structures suffer from a certain tiredness and need to be revitalized, to discover their potentials and find new paths according to the mission entrusted to us.

The Regions in which the Provinces and Delegations are located. until now they have been divided by geographical areas:

COSME 2002 – Europe “Conference of Major Superiors of Europe”
Formed by the Province of Italy and the European Delegation (Italy, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Albania).

CCPDA 2009 – Africa “Conference of Provincial Councils and Delegation of Africa”
Formed by the two Provinces: Congo-Togo, East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Sudan) and Delegation: Angola-Sao Tomè.

PCCI 2001 – India “Conference of Provincial Councils of India”
Formed by the three Provinces and the Delegation present in the Nation.

CCTAO 2004 – Asia, Oceania “Canossian Collaborating Team Asia, Oceania”
Formed by the Provinces of Asia: Singapore-Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines-Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Timor Leste and the Australia Delegation.

ENCA 2004 – America “Enlace Canossiano in America”
Formed by the three Provinces of the American Continent: Argentina-Paraguay, Brazil, United States, Canada-Mexico.

It is a moment of grace where we experience the unity of the Institute, the desire to give a new missionary impulse and to evangelize with the charismatic style that characterizes us.

I ask you to accompany us with prayer so that, open to the Spirit, we make choices that respond to the needs of our time and may reconfiguration promote, sustain and develop the Mission today.
May prayer be the support of our communion in this discernment to realize what we have proposed with the theme of the Chapter: “… Reconfiguration to a life of holiness in and for the mission today.”

 Our thanks to all, dear Sisters.


With the Councillor




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