Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows 2021. Message of our Congregational Leader

Solemnity of Our Lady of  Sorrows 2021. Message of our Congregational Leader

Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows 2021

Dear Sisters,
Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows who shares the redemptive Passion of her Son and we experience in a special way being a Family and the joy of being with Mary our Mother who wanted us to be her Daughters.

The fraternity we experience overcomes geographical distances, making us feel like living members of a Family in celebration, which inhabits the world.

May this day be a special occasion to intensify our communal prayer, to grow in hope and docility to God’s call.
May the Spirit help us to live our vocation with intensity and enthusiasm and to reinterpret it in the light of today’s newness.

Let us ensure that the charism present in each of us, in the communities, be evident in our lives that fraternity, solidarity, friendship and mutual trust are manifestations of love and testify that peace is possible; the world needs this witnessing.

May the contemplation of the Crucified Love, the nucleus of our Charism, “inseparable” from the contemplation of the Mother at the foot of the Cross, enable us live the holiness to which we are called, that is the foundation of our joy.

It is this contemplation that makes Magdalene a Mother and an apostle and in this samecontemplation we recognized ourselves as her Daughters.

Magdalene loved “her dear Madonna”, who interceded for her, preceded her, consoled her and supported her.

Mary helped her to discover God’s will for her and for the Institute she was to found, sometimes with extraordinary interventions, but above all as a Mother and as a companion on the journey “so that the work might be planted in the true spirit of Christ.” (The Genesis of the Rules of the
Daughters of Charity p 113).

Dear Sisters, let us invoke intensely Our Lady of Sorrows who sustains us and the sufferingsof all humanity with her tenderness and motherly love, so that we, like her, can be docile Daughters of Charity at the service of the “poverty” that surrounds us.

Together with the Councillors I wish you: Happy Feast!


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