Gift and testimony. The new VitaPiù

Gift and testimony. The new VitaPiù

Dear friends,
In this issue of Vita Più 2021, we will continue our reflection on economic and social topics, following the trend set out by Pope Francis in his Encyclical “Fratelli tutti” and his initiative “The Economy of Francesco”, which stimulates a conversion of thought and practice towards an economy of love. An economy able to transform present paradigms that tend to place profit as their aim, rather than integral human development, the object of which economic growth is simply one of many means that places the human person at the centre.

We will follow two paths of reflection. The first helps us to rediscover “The value of gift”. Certainly, since the dynamic of gratuitousness overturns the dependence on utility and interest, reveals a mystery, demonstrates that even in economic and social exchanges there can still be that “more” which makes our lives precious.

“THE WORK OF WITNESS”. We will consider the dimension of work, of professional experience, as the main sphere in which to bear witness to love that calls us to weave fraternal relationships and see the world with the eyes of grace. For both these paths, we will read a Biblical Lectio and personal experiences, from the Canossian world and not, that tell us how the value of gift and THE WORK OF WITNESS become life today. Space will then be given to the usual columns of Vita Più.

With joy and gratitude, we present this latest issue of our Canossian magazine that leads us to the eve of the XVII Canossian General Chapter to be held in late August and early September.

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