India is suffering. Let us unite in prayer

India is suffering. Let us unite in prayer

The Covid situation in India is growing extremely worrisome by the day. The country has been registering 400,000 new cases everyday. In the Southern state of Kerala, about 40,000 get infected on a daily basis.

The local community of the Canossian Fathers is a centre for registration for vaccine, but oftentimes people are not able to get the vaccine.

Fr. Shyam describes the situation: “No availability of oxygen, no beds in hospital, literally people are dying in front of you. Now the concern arising is after some time, there may be beds in hospital, there may be oxygen availability but doctors and nurses are dying, so there will be lack of doctors and nurses. Last 2 weeks almost 90 priests and almost 150 nuns died in india due to the coronavirus”.

The local religious communities and parishes are giving their best efforts to assist the people in need, but the spread of the virus is ravaging the country and sparking pain and sufferings.

While we pray for India, it’s important to keep demanding that the Indian institutions and the international community support the population and in particular the poor and sick, put in place the needed measures to contain the spread of the virus and speed the vaccination campaign.