Christ is truly risen. Alleluja!

Christ is truly risen. Alleluja!

Dear Sisters, dear Friends of the Canossian family,
I wish to express my greetings of blessings and my closeness to you in every part of the world in which you are present.

On this Easter, which we welcome as a great gift from God and the foundation of our faith, we repeat with joy:

“Christ is risen, death has been defeated!”

It is an announcement that seems in contradiction with the painful situations we are facing at the moment, in dramatic circumstances that cause so much suffering. Many brothers and sisters are accompanying Jesus on the way to Calvary and even in our Institute there have been painful losses, but in the celebration of Easter we renew our faith and repeat with certainty:

“Death has been defeated: Christ is risen!”

Let us implant this resounding message of hope in ourselves, in our communities and in the hearts of our brothers and sisters.

May the Resurrection enlighten our lives:

• be the truth that intensifies and increases our faith,
• rebirth in us an unwavering hope for a new life, a life that is stronger than death,
• arouse in us the desire to be a gift for our brothers and sisters with a tireless charity and with a life that takes the style of Christ.
With Mary, Mother of the Risen One, we celebrate the Resurrection of her Son and pray intensely that the light of Easter may bear joy, strength, love and wisdom in the world.

Together with my Councillors, I greet you with affection and gratitude


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