The new Provincial and Delegation Councils

The new Provincial and Delegation Councils

To all the Sisters of the Institute

Dear Sisters,
We have completed the long process of the appointment of the Provincial and Delegation Councils, which has been accompanied by much prayer on the part of all of you and also of the laity belonging to our Canossian Family.

The willingness of the Sisters who accepted to collaborate in the Ministry of Authority to leave the service they are performing with love, their openness to respond to this new call, to leave their ministries to perform a new service, moved me and made me understand how the spirit of the Institute is alive.

I thanked the Lord to see how, after two centuries of life, the Sisters live the spirituality that characterises us and Magdalene wanted from her Daughters:

“Do not be afraid to neglect any good work and undertake any other, however difficult and harsh it may seem to your senses”.
(cf MdC, letter 16.1.1835).

For the new Councils it is a demanding time; there are no previous models, many past programmes that characterised the beginning of government are no longer possible, therefore collaboration, participation, research that must lead to new discernments are indispensable.
It is a ‘new mission’ for all of us to face together.

During the two hundred years of Canossian history there have been many changes in society and in our Congregation, but its incisiveness, its apostolic strength, which continue in the nations in which we find ourselves, are due to communion and fidelity to our identity, to the “progressive journey that has as its goal the fullness of charity in the spirit of Christ Crucified and enables us to become a prophecy of communion to the ends of the earth” (RdV 63).

We thank the Lord for the charism of Charity that we have received as a gift, we feel the responsibility to increase it and keep it alive to “offer our brothers and sisters the same love with which the Lord loves us” (cf. RdV 7).

To Mary, the true Superior of our Institute, I entrust the potential for good of every Province and Delegation, the new Councils and all of you, dear Sisters, in this three-year period that is about to begin.

Together with the Councillors, I greet you with affection and gratitude.


D. R. Congo – Togo

St. Josephine Bakhita

Sr. Kadi Apay Marie Stella – Provincial Superior
Sr. Degue Rose – Vicar
Sr. Wayo Claudine – Councillor
Sr. Lopez Maria Marcela – Councillor
Sr. Nakagiri Cissy – Councillor


Nord Est Africa

Queen of Apostles

Sr. Kamuikeni Elisabeth Josephine – Provincial Superior
Sr. Llanes Laura – Vicar
Sr. Kalinga Dafrosa – Councillor
Sr. Mlipano Angela – Councillor
Sr. Nakagiri – Councillor


Angola – S. Tomè Delegation

Mãe Da Misericordia

Sr. Antonio Lucia Teresinha – Delegate Superior
Sr. Pereira Semedo Lucia Teresinha – Vicar
Sr. Fundulo Manuela Beatriz – Councillor



Argentina – Paraguay

N. Seňora de Lujan

Sr. Dähn Maria José – Provincial Superior
Sr. Sancho Jorgelina Edith – Vicar
Sr. Amaya Valeria Fabiana – Councillor
Sr. Oviedo Carina Marcela – Councillor



N. Senhora Aparecida

Sr. Pereira Nunes Manoela – Provincial Superior
Sr. Rossini Maria Cristina – Vicar
Sr. Gonçalves Veronica Guedes – Councillor
Sr. Dutra Maria de Nazaré – Councillor


Nord America

Cristo Rey

Sr. Serafini Anna Maria – Provincial Superior
Sr. Guan Nicetas – Vicaria
Sr. Retiz Torres Hilda Francisca – Consigliera



Filippine – PNG

Sacred Heart

Sr. Nuesca Lilia – Provincial Superior
Sr. Larcia Magdalena – Vicar
Sr. Balancin Charito – Councillor
Sr. Vasquez Estrella – Councillor



San Michele Arcangelo

Sr. Martinez Cabrero Valeria Cristina – Provincial Superior
Sr. Kikuma Tomiko Teresia – Vicar


Hong Kong

Regina Martyrum

Sr. Wong Virginia Pui Ling – Provincial Superior
Sr. Lam Louise Yuk Sin – Vicar
Sr. Cheung Lucia Ching Han – Councillor
Sr. Chung Rita C. Sau Kuen – Councillor


India Nord

Queen of Peace

Sr. De Souza Jose Zinia – Provincial Superior
Sr. Karukathara Nirmala – Vicar
Sr. Ekka Dibya Punam – Councillor
Sr. Thundyil Lisa – Councillor


India Centro

St. Francis Xavier

Sr. D’Souza Audrey – Provincial Superior
Sr. D’ Mello Juliana – Vicar
Sr. Godad Meena – Councillor
Sr. D’Souza Mary – Councillor


India Sud

Mary Immaculate

Sr. Nathan Josephine – Provincial Superior
Sr. Alexander Sonia – Vicar
Sr. Joseph Mary – Councillor
Sr. Padua Shina – Councillor


Delegazione Sud Est India

St. Josephine Bakhita

Sr. Alappat Teresa – Delegate Superior
Sr. Augustine Mary – Vicar
Sr. Michael Reeta – Councillor



Divine Mercy

Sr. Sta Maria Margarete – Provincial Superior
Sr. Seu Maria Flaviana – Vicar
Sr. Navera Maria Rosalia – Councillor



Mater Dei

Sr. Law Lai Tin Christin – Provincial Superior
Sr. Chew Lina Teresa – Vicar
Sr. Mariadass Shanti – Councillor


Singapore – Myanmar

St. Anthony

Sr. Yeo Sui Chin Christina – Provincial Superior
Sr. Tan Geraldine Swee Hoon – Vicar
Sr. Lim Louisa Gek Noy – Councillor


Timor Est

San Giuseppe

Sr. Fernandes Magno Dos Santos Dulce Maria Sri Indah – Provincial Superior
Sr. Dos Santos Natalina – Vicar
Sr. Branca Boavida – Councillor
Sr. Da Costa Freitas Celia Maria Antonia – Councillor



Australia Delegation

St. Theresa of Jesus

Sr. Dwyer Melissa Therese – Provincial Superior
Sr. Ganzetti Rosanella – Vicar
Sr. Fatin Hildergardis – Councillor



Europe Delegation

Mater Ecclesiae

Sr. Ugoletti Liliana – Delegate Superior
Sr. Massenti Maria Angela – Vicaria
Sr. Szynol Gabriela – Councillor



S. Maddalena di Canossa

Sr. Bongarzone Maria Grazia – Provincial Superior
Sr. Pilastro Elena – Vicar
Sr. Pizzato Paola – Councillor
Sr. Mastropasqua Antonia – Councillor
Sr. Poretto Adriana – Councillor
Sr. Marini Santa – Councillor
Sr. Mosca Dina – Councillor