VitaPiù 13: For an Economy of Love

VitaPiù 13: For an Economy of Love

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There is a brilliant expression at the beginning of the encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”. Pope Francis speaks of “responding to the present day situation “with a new vision of fraternity and social friendship that will not remain at the level of words” The Holy Father points out that it is not merely a case of responding to the urgent needs created by the pandemic. We are called to take to heart the sad contradictions which this crisis has revealed to everyone once and for all.

We must face the wounds inflicted by a world which exploits those who are considered the least in this world and then leaves them behind, a world which accumulates wealth rather than promoting development and a world which consumes our planet instead just living on it. It is a world of deep darkness but also a world where brilliant light shines out, the light of the extraordinary resources that all humankind can rely on. With his social encyclical and the initiative “The Economy of Francesco” the Holy Father reminds us that listening to the Gospel today means being willing to call into question our global and unequal economic systems.

This encyclical is an epoch-making challenge to our way of thinking and our lifestyle. It is a call to conversion in many concrete ways in our daily life. These conversions can only come about through our ability to renew the way we look at things.

We want to take this journey of renewal together by dedicating three numbers of “Vita Piu` this year, to the theme of conversion of the economy for an integral human ecology. We shall be able to do this thanks to contributions from experts, scholars and economists, people of faith and culture and people with business experience. They will help us to reflect on these complex and fascinating themes. We shall start with this number that includes accounts of Canossian efforts to work for a more equal and fraternal world, ideas from art and contemporary thought, news, and stories of people who are making a difference in the world. Let us dream of a new way of living as brothers and sisters, a fraternity which we can build together.