VitaPiù 12: A greater love

VitaPiù 12: A greater love

If we have been able to learn something at this time is that no one can be saved alone. The breath of the Spirit opens horizons, reawakens creativity and renews us in fraternity so as to say: ‘Here I am!’ It is an opportune time to find the courage of a new imagining of what is possible, with the realism that only the Gospel can offer us.”

These words of Pope Francis describe well this time that humanity is crossings. This time has made us rediscover our frailty and, within it, the fraternity that unites us all. What was unforeseen has entered daily life; suffering has left a mark; yet, behind the wounds that are still healing, a greater love is beating. It is a love that urges us to become creative, working to bring the good news of the Gospel into this present world that looks different from the one we were used to.

It is this look that accompanies us in this new number of VitaPiù. Following the reflection, in the previous number on “time of the Word”, we now give space to the stories and testimonies that speak of an incarnated love, of a lived service, in the most diverse contexts. Of a love that is truly without measure. They are stories coming from the Canossian Family through a wide enquiry, and from around the world. With an eye on how our cities are changing after the pandemic, fragments of reflection on how to interpret and cross over this time, the usual articles and reflections on the care of creation start- ing from the “Jubilee for the Earth”, an ecumenical initiative of integral ecology that involves Christians throughout the world.

We know that this is a particular year for the Canossian Family who had planned its General Chapter and had to postpone it when it will be possible to live it in safety. But the reflection on the themes of the Chapter, now all the more relevant, continues. It is to this reflection that we wish to contribute in offering this “VitaPiù”. We, therefore, continue to walk in trust, allowing ourselves to be provoked by the story, seek- ing – with the mind, the heart and hands – to remain faithful to the extraordinary intuition of what “consists the more” that pushes us towards others.

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