“This Institute will take place because my Mother wants it”

“This Institute will take place because my Mother wants it”

Letter of Mother General Annamaria Babbini

Dear Sisters,
I warmly greet you on this feast, so dear to all of us, which annually steers us back to our roots, to contemplate Christ Crucified, the charismatic intuition of Magdalene who gave life to our Institute.
It is an invitation to renew our choice fueled by love and fidelity. It is returning to our source that regenerates us and renew our life, our vigor and enthusiasm.

The events of this year plunged the world into so many sufferings and uncertainties, leading us to reflect on the meaning and significance of life, on the fragility of so many certainties, rediscovering the need to look at Jesus Crucified with renewed faith.

Looking at Christ Crucified, we contemplate the Mother of Sorrow at His feet.

Seeing His Mother: “Woman, this is your son”. Then to the disciple: “This is your mother”. And from that moment the disciple took her into his home
[John 19:26-27]

The apostles, after the death of Jesus, experience what it means to have received the gift of the Mother who does not leave them alone, but remains with them and even in her immense pain she welcomes their suffering, their betrayal, their fears and she gives the, her unshakable hope.

Today Jesus similarly repeats us, her Daughters: “Behold your Mother!”

What do these words of Jesus on the Cross entrusting His Mother to us, mean for us?
How can we live this entrustment in our life, in our Institute?

How do we thank the Mother of the Crucified Love who wanted our Institute to exist and wanted us as her Daughters?

Magdalene reminds us that “we are called to mourn her sorrows and to spread her devotion throughout the world” making her loved. Mary loves every man and woman on earth; she protects us, accompanies us, helps and supports us. Let us make her known where we live, where we carry out our ministry. She will show us the best way “to make Jesus known and loved”.

Mary is the privileged and surest path that leads us to her Son, the Son of God. Today we thank Jesus who left us this “great Mother” and entrusted us to her; let us enter into this entrustment together with our brothers and sisters. With Mary there is no aloneness in our life, hers is an incessant presence. Let us console her with the sanctity of our life: sowing union, respect, acceptance, mutual appreciation, fraternal affection.

We avoid everything that injures communion and unity. Let us not give in to the rampant pessimism that causes discouragement and sadness which takes away the courage and joy of living our consecration intensely. We nurture hope in and around us. The desired, sought and lived fraternal life exudes much serenity to our hearts, gives strength and energy to all of us to continue to testify with our lives that communion is possible.

Let us entrust the world and each of us to the Mother of Sorrows and let us all meet in her heart.

Together with my Councilors, I greet you with affection.

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