News from the Canossian Myanmar Mission

News from the Canossian Myanmar Mission

Dear Friends & Mission partners, Greetings from Myanmar!

Here we are to share with you not only the events but also our reflections during this very unusual time of our lives. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused such a big disruption in the daily life of people all over the world, spreading fear and insecurity with the rising number of people of all ages infected with this virus which caused the death of thousands of people.

Due to the lockdowns of cities and countries and the suspension of flights by airlines to stop the spread of the virus, our mission too was cut off from our Sisters and volunteers in Singapore as from late March. Our apologies to our volunteers who have planned and even paid their air fares for their mission trips for March and April especially the Papango Team, the Project Micah Team and the SIT students. The Graduation of our Preschool children and Educators had to be brought forward.

Download the latest Canossian Myanmar Mission News Update 24 (Jan – May 2020)

In this latest issue:
– News from Canossa Home
– Visitors from Singapore
– News from Canossian Formation House Myanmar
– Sharing How We Spent Our Time During The Pandemic In Myanmar
– Happenings at Gate of Hope
– News from other boarding houses
– Sisters & Volunteers in Singapore

We pray daily for all our benefactors, volunteers, supporters & friends, asking God to keep you and your families safe and healthy.


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