VitaPiù 11: It’s the time of the Word

VitaPiù 11: It’s the time of the Word

It is difficult to overestimate the impact  with which the epidemic Sars-CoV-2, more commonly known as “Corona- virus”, has burst into our personal lives and more so into our society. This world always vertically connected, finds itself – because of the measures of social distancing imposed by all Countries as a means of containing the diffusion of the infection – obliged to slow down abruptly. We have discovered ourselves to be fragile; our relation with social structures, routines, planning.

However, we are also rediscovering we are all the same because the pandemic makes no distinctions between class, nationality or culture. In the hour of extreme suffering, our humanity emerges, all of us brothers and sisters, all called radically to take care of one another. Yes, life is greater than our plans and even this issue of Vita Più – which should have been dedicated to recounting the General Chapter, suspended because of the emergency – is the result of this upheaval.

Together with the communication team, we have tried to accept the challenge and keep at the centre of attention the theme and provocation of the Chapter: “Women of the Word loving without measure.” This is the time for words and love without measure. We want to delve into these themes through reflections on the “word”, so much more decisive at this time of physical distance.
In the Interview on the Canossian World, we want to show how the creativity of the charism inspires new ways of living service in the post-Covid-19 world. We report on ideas and news from the world to help us know and reflect. We recount the work of the Canossian Foundation and VOICA in their support of projects in our communities, always at the side of the poorest.

This is a unique issue of Vita Più for this exceptional time: how can we get through it, is an open-ended question for all of us.

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