May in the footsteps of Magdalene

May in the footsteps of Magdalene

I heartily beg of the Lord… to fill you with His Spirit, you who are alive at present and all those who, at any time, will embrace our Institute
[Letter January 16, 1835]

Dear Sisters,
It seems to me very beautiful and meaningful to begin this message with the blessing of our Foundress who invokes the presence of the Spirit on each of us. Her motherly love does not limit itself to the Sisters present in the Institute at that time but has extended to “all those” who in the future would embrace it, therefore to each of us.

We express our gratitude to the Lord for having given to the Church this fruitful motherhood that generated Daughters and Sons, for her wide horizons and her incessant desire to find the most effective ways to help and raise the poorest in creative and tireless service.

May the 8th of May be a day of thanksgiving for us in which to renew our fidelity to God and our service to our sisters and brothers. We ask Magdalene to obtain for us the gift of living in fraternal communion with one another in a simple and generous lifestyle, in a humble and joyful service, as she lived it.

The new Saint … becomes a sign of joy and hope for those who carry the stigmata of suffering because of illness, poverty, social exclusion, of exploitation.
[John Paul II, Canonization of Magdalene 1988]

It is our mission: they are words that underline values valid at all times, but particularly significant in this historical moment. In this dramatic time we are called to live our service as bearers of relief, comfort and hope. It is the Ministry of consolation that the world needs and in which we are all committed to, in different ways.

With Magdalene we pray for all the sick in the world, for someone to take care of them. We pray that this pandemic will not be a cause of division, but that it will strengthen unity and peace among the Nations. We pray for our Institute in this particular situation for the Spirit to indicate to us the path to follow and we ask for the gift of new vocations who will respond to the charism with enthusiasm.

With the grace of this celebration, I wish you to live this feast in joy and with thanksgiving.

Together with the Councillors, I greet you with affection