Our “Yes” to the Lord, today. Letter of Mother General

Our “Yes” to the Lord, today. Letter of Mother General

Dearest Sisters,
I desire to reach you all with this brief wish on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord in which we celebrate Mary’s “Yes”.

This is a time that asks us to intensify the quality of our lives and give the best of ourselves. It is a difficult moment in which suffering, tensions, fear and uncertainty make themselves felt, thus a supplement of generosity and courage is needed, sustained by prayer and accompanied by a life lived in serenity and attention towards others. This is the way to say our “yes” to the Lord’s announcements.

Many of you have asked me about the situation of the Nations in which our Organisms are inserted. To reply to this request, I have asked the Provincial Superiors and Delegate Superiors to send a brief account of the reality of Covid-19 so that all of us may know the situation of our Canossian family and mutually help one another with the means at our disposal but, above all, with our prayer and its force of impetration.

As soon as possible I will update you with the information you asked me for about our Sisters and Organisms.

My wish is that you may all be aware of the possibilities in facing this pandemic that has struck us and united us. There are Nations that have an organized health system with the possibility of facing this situation, others have fewer mens and some have no means at all. In this last instance, many people will not even know of the existence of Covid-19, but unfortunately they will feel the effects.

May the Annunciation made to Mary and even the announcements that the Spirit makes to each one of us, to our Institute, and to the whole world, leave a deep mark within us, make us realize the essential of our lives and offer us the chance to re-consign our “Yes” to God with renewed love.

May our Hope and our trust, founded on faith, give light and comfort to all of you, dear Sisters, to your communities, to your families and to all those whom you may console and support.

Let us entrust the whole humanity to Mary and to her love as a Mother.

With affection, together with my Councilors,

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