A Look of Hope. Letter from Mother General

A Look of Hope. Letter from Mother General

Dear Sisters,

I am writing to you at this particular time in which many people are directly or indirectly adversely affected in this new dramatic situation and in which we are also a part of it. The unexpected event surprised us and caused much concern to all However, it also leads us to a “new reading” of the times which becomes prayer for all humanity.

It was a special moment for us too, as our Institute was ready to begin the General Chapter on March 5th, 2020; but with this unimaginable, unexpected turn of event up to date, we had to change the date of the Chapter. The decision to postpone the Chapter was not easy. It was taken after much prayer, discernment and advice and above all as a precautionary measure for the good of all. The epidemic continues to affect many more people and in many different nations in which we find ourselves and where our Sisters are in the different parts of the world.

We are experiencing that our organizations and schedules are only supported if the Lord supports them. A popular saying comes to my mind, one which I am certain you are familiar with: “Man proposes, but God disposes”. A saying that is very simple to understand and at the same time reminds us that is He who leads the events.

In this time words are abundant, we all listen to the means of communication with a great deal of information: they are rivers of words.
Women of the Word loving without measures is the theme of the Chapter, which we have all been reflecting upon for over a year, since the announcement of the General Chapter in January 2019.

God always speaks to us, we listen to the Word that He wants to tell us in this time of Lent. Let’s not fall into the risk of repeating the intuition of the Chapter theme and blurring it with routine. It is important to find out among the many words what is the Word the Lord is saying to us in this time? What words resonate in our hearts? How nice would it be if you could share your personal refections in your community and ask yourself: What is God saying to me? What is He telling us?. So that this time of suffering and worry is transformed into a means of drawing closer to Him and helping our brothers and sisters to do the same. Let us listen to the words with which He speaks to us personally and in community, so that our life may become a “lived Word”.

Dear Sisters, try to make time for communal prayer for the present world situation, not only for the coronavirus epidemic, but also for the lack of humanity where many of our innocent brothers and sisters are being oppressed and killed. The world needs God and our continuous intercessory prayer.

We pray also for our “least Institute” that we may be able to begin the General Chapter soon and that the Lord may accept our desire for fidelity and to be bearers of good.

I trust in the support of your prayer, together we invoke the light of the Spirit for the whole world and for each of us.

In communion and with grateful affection,

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