An experience of International Synodality in view of the XVII General Chapter

An experience of International Synodality in view of the XVII General Chapter

“Let us walk together”

This is the challenge, the Synodal style with which the General Council has invited each Sister, each community, each Provincial Council throughout the Canossian world, to take part in the phase before the Chapter in order to bring about Reconfiguration to a life of holiness in and for the mission today.

For the formulation of the synthesis of the material that resulted from the questionnaires, a Commission was formed of Sisters coming from different continents. Sr. De Souza Zinia – Provincial Superior (Province of “Queen of Peace” North India), Sr. Ovejera Cristina – Superior of the Community of “St. Brendan” San Francisco, California, Sr. Venturi Maria Laura – Superior of the Community of “S. Stefano” Verona, Sr. Fiorentini Zemira (Mirella) – Superior of the Community of “Sagrado Corazòn de Jesùs”, Punta Alta, Argentina.

The Commission for the synthesis of the questionnaires of the younger Sisters involved the collaboration of Sr. Battisti Anna Maria (Coordinator for Charismatic Formation), Community of “San Michele” Rome, Sr. Pavesi Lucia Person Responsible for “Accoglienza Ospitalità Bakhita” Curia Generalizia Rome, Sr. Campisi Miriam (Provincial Councillor of Italy) “St. Magdalene of Canossa” Verona.

The work produced in Rome from 1st to 30th May by the various Commissions, will lead to the synthesis Document that, differing from previous years, will not be sent only to the Chapter Sisters, but to every Province/Delegation so that each Sisters may actively take part.

The work carried out by the Sisters of the Commissions has been very precious and the atmosphere of collaboration and listening was very fruitful during this pre-Chapter experience.

Sr. Mirella, with joy and amazement, realized in this work of synthesis how “the Institute continues to bring a freshness of love beyond all boundaries, lives through young Sisters who are open to life and the future. It is always ready to share the mission with lay people.”

Sr. Cristina expressed her gratitude to the General Council for requesting her collaboration and for the trust given to the Commission in the elaboration of the pre-Chapter Document. “It was very stimulating to see in the synthesis of the questionnaires how each Sister wants to be evermore a woman of the Word and wishes to live the Canossian charism in the most authentic way in this new reconfiguration of the Institute.

“It was an enriching experience to be able to read the contributions of the Sisters, affirms Sr. Zinia – I was happy to be able to give my contribution to this task in preparation for the Chapter. The Institute continues to go forward, embracing the great desire of the Sisters to revisit their spiritual, community and apostolic life.”

“During this period, we made the experience that it is possible to work together even if we are from different cultures. Our family is alive and wants to live, says Sr. Laura. Joy and beauty, the desire for hope and future clearly emerged.”

The young Sisters made their voices heard, says Sr. Miriam. “They express the desire for a more consistent spiritual life which is in harmony with the other dimensions of fraternal life and the ministries …. Always journeying towards unity of life.”

We thank our Sisters for the service rendered with intelligence, dedication and generosity. With joy, together we bless the Lord of history and continue to walk in time imploring the wisdom of heart.