Feast of Saint Magdalene

Feast of Saint Magdalene

Dear brothers, sisters, friends, collaborators of St. Magdalene: have a Happy and Joyful Feast!

Today, let us all feel united in the name of St. Magdalene, in the grateful praise of the Father and the Holy Spirit for the gift of this holy woman, with a great and passionate heart for life, of which she dedicated herself with fidelity to the Gospel.
Let us honour her today, “Woman and Mother of such a great Heart”, who knows what “good bread” we need in this time, trusting that from heaven she will give it to us with love.

Together let us say “Thank you” for the Charity that shaped her heart: “Jesus Crucified, stripped of all things except love”, a perennial legacy for all of us and for all those who allow themselves to be involved in the Canossian Spirituality.

Let us carry everywhere that fire of “Charity-Love” of which we are blended. Let us take it to our schools, to our work places, in all our missionary activities, with colleagues, with neighbours, everywhere.

May St. Magdalene bless us from heaven and make us capable of simply giving a smile of confidence, a gesture that encourages and a word that consoles.

Together, let us confide everything to the intercession of Mary, honoured in this month of May, in the certain knowledge that she embraces us!

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