“I have longed to eat this Passover with you”

“I have longed to eat this Passover with you”

Dear Sisters, dear Friends,

my Easter greeting take its inspiration from the Word that Jesus, even today, addresses to us, His disciples, as He invites us to “eat” with Him.

When the hour came He took His place at the table, and the apostles with Him. And He said to them: “I have longed to eat this Passover with you”
[Luke 22: 14 – 15]

I am reflecting on our reality: our religious family, each one of us living in so many different parts of the world:though geographically distant, we are united around the same “table” and in the same charism of the Greatest Love.

Jesus invites us to gather around Him, and by giving us His love He empowers us to become people capable of loving and of transforming our love into life for others.

He calls us  tu continuously rediscover and further deepen the beauty of our vocation and our mission that can be realized concretely only in communion and in fraternity and they have in themselves a greater evangelizing power than mere words. There, however, are possible only through Him. Jesus is our force of cohesion, He gathers us together, He involves us in His own mission and He sends us forth.

May the contemplation of Jesus, dead and risen, permeate all aspects of our existence and make it an efficacious witnessing of the paschal joy, open wide the doors of hope for each of us and make us bearers of new life for our brothers and sisters.

To all of you, dear Sisters and Friends, my best wishes together with those of my Councilors.

Happy Easter!