Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace to the people He loves

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace to the people He loves

Dear Sisters,

Let us listen to the proclamation of the angels on Christmas night.

It’s a proclamation that opens up to joy and gladness. With the coming of His Son, God makes a gift of Peace to the people He loves, to the whole of humanity, a gift that is a sign of His presence in us.

Let us ask for this gift with perseverance so that it may descend on us abundantly and make all the earth, our Institute and every Community bear fruits.

I renew my wish, expressed in other occasions: let us become bearers of peace in our daily lives. Let us make room within ourselves so that peace may dwell deeply in us and we may be able to be signs of forgiveness, of goodness, of that simple and attentive goodness that we all appreciate and wish to give and find in those who approach us.

The gift, received from the Prince of Peace, is incarnated in us and only gives life it it’s shared with others.

In the Eucharistic celebration at Christmas, let our exchange of peace not be a habitual gesture, but a gesture that manifests the joy of reconciliation, that unites us in faith and communion with all our brothers and sisters with a renewed heart in the assurance of His love for us.

With these feelings of hope and peace, I would lik to reach out to each one of you, dear Sisters, and united with my Councilors, I wish you a Blessed Christmas.