The Evangelization & Mission Seminar kicks off in Hong Kong

The Evangelization & Mission Seminar kicks off in Hong Kong

How to announce the Good News nowadays?
What does it mean to be a missioner in 2018?
Why the mission is so deep in the heart of the Canossian charism, and what does it mean to live it today in Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, Oceania?

The Canossian International Seminar which got underway today in Hong Kong and will last until July 2nd will focus on these very challenges. The Sisters gathered in the city from all over the world will deepen the topic, reflect and dialogue with a view to developing a new spirituality of the mission. (Full program of the Seminar)

The initial session of the Seminar will be held by Bro. Enzo Biemmi, theologian expert in the field of evangelization and pastoral, and Fr. Sergio Ticozzi, longtime missioner in China with PIME. The Sisters will then reflect upon texts such as Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exortation Evangelii Gaudium and the writings of our Foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa on the topic of mission.

The Sisters representing each Province/Delegation will also share their own experience of mission. Tt will be yet another demonstration of what a richness for our Congregation its diversity represents: indeed a powerful resource when it comes to reflect together on how to announce the Gospel to the brothers and sisters by whom Jesus still awaits to be “known and loved”.

These next two weeks will be stimulating and intense. We Canossian family want to live them with a spirit of openness and unity. That’s why the main sessions of the Seminar will be live-streamed both on our Facebook Page and on the dedicated page on our website, where the video will stay available even after the end of the event.

Hong Kong has a special place in the heart of the Canossian missionariety. It’s here that the first Canossian missioners arrived, back in 1860. So it’s from here that we want to relaunch the challenge of evangelization today.