The canonical visitation in Congo

The canonical visitation in Congo

The canonical visitation of the general council of the Canossian Institute to the communities of the Democratic Republic of Congo began today, Wednesday, May 2nd.

Mother general Annamaria Babbini, along with the general councilors, welcomed in Kampala.

In the morning, the Canossian delegation landed in Kampala, Uganda capital city. The mothers composing the Institute’s general council then visited St. Magdalene Health Center in Lweza, joyfully welcomed by the staffers and the sisters of the local community.

St. Magdalene Health Center’s staff.

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 3rd, the general council will move to Congo, the country that together with Togo constitutes the Canossian province dedicated to St. Bakhita. Until May 15th the general councilors, along with the recently renewed provincial council, will travel the country and visit the Canossian communities. The Democratic Republic of Congo, the second biggest African country and the fourth most populated, is marked by many contradictions and the scars of conflicts lasting to this day.

The canonical visitation will be a time of listening and discernment on the presence and mission of the Canossian sisters in the country. Let us entrust it to the intercession of St. Magdalene and St. Bakhita.