International seminar: the program

International seminar: the program

From Tuesday, April, 3rd to Friday, April 13th, the provincial and delegation councils of the whole Canossian institute are gathered in Rome for the International Seminar titled “Let us live the present with passion”.

The Seminar is expected to be a great occasion to discuss on our Institute’s life and how to live the Canossian carisma in the face of today’s challenging reality. Each day will consist of common work sessions, prayers and the celebration of the Eucharist. Here the full program of the Seminar.

Tuesday, April 3rd
Logistics and ice breaker.

Wednesday, April 4th
Opening ritual
Introduction and welcome
Sharing and questions of clarifications
Hopes and expectations
What have you left behind to be here and what will help you for the remaining days
Introduction to the learning method

Thursday, April 5th
Contemplative space
Congregation as an open living system
Unity and diversity in different contexts and cultures
A leadership of discontinuity
Theological reflection

Friday, April 6th
Contemplative space
Person in the congregational system
Learning group and integration

Saturday, April 7th
Contemplative space
Context and the congregation
God as a source of life in the congregation
Theory of transferring experience framework
Role of the leader
Learning group
Integration and writing up log book

Sunday, April 8th
Contemplative space
Authority – Power – Obedience
Learning group
Dialogue and culture
Learning group

Monday, April 9th
Contemplative space
Open mind, open heart, open will
How to apply this learning in one particular area
“New wine in new wineskins”
Presentation of Magdalene’s letters
Plan of communication

Tuesday, April 10th
Congregation matters

Wednesdays, April 11th
Audience of the Holy Father
Congregation matters

Thursday, April 12th

Friday, April 13th
Closing liturgy: mandate