Christ is risen! Christ is really risen!

Christ is risen! Christ is really risen!

Dear Lay Canossians,

Christ is risen! Christ is really risen!

This is the greeting we exchange even this year. This is a proclamation of joy, hope, salvation: love is stronger than death. Easter returns with its strength and always the miracle that springs up from the Cross surprises us.

The Risen Lord manifests Himself to His disciples: He accompanies them, explains the Scriptures to them, breaks the bread, invites them to eat, reveals His real presence in their midst through the concreteness of gestures and signs.

Like the disciples, we, too, are invited to experience Him, not through weary and repetitive gestures, lacking in prophecy, but through a sincere and courageous openness to life with the witness of our serenity and joy, in our firm trust in the Risen Christ, our power and hope.

With the words of the Easter Liturgy let us implore:
Father, you, through your only son have defeated death
and paved the way to eternal life,
grant that we may be renewed in the Spirit
so that we may be reborn in the light of the Risen Lord!

Jesus, alive and true, is always present in our midst, He walks with us, guides our lives, opens our eyes on our history.

With Magdalene, let us announce with our lives the reasons of our joy to our brothers and sisters, to those in need and to those who live close to us.

Together with my Councilors, I express my greeting of fraternity and peace to you all.