The new issue of VitaPiù is out!

The new issue of VitaPiù is out!

The newest issue of VitaPiù, the official magazine of the Canossian family, is out.

It’s the first issue of 2018, an year during which the Canossian family, in communion with the whole Catholic Church, wants to meet and list to young people. These young people, throughout the whole world, nurture expectations, desires, and dreams. What are these dreams? We asked this question to the youngsters themselves in the survey that covers the central part of this issue.

In dialogue with Maddalena, a great dreamer, we read again the pages of her “imaginary dream”. We listen to the present, from the point of view of an Italian bishop, Mgr. Sigalini. We take a look at what’s happening in the world, where Pope Francis’ visit to Myanmar stands out – a visit during which he even met with the Canossian communities. The issue ends with the usual columns.

The youngsters, their dreams, their desires, their expectations on the Christian community: that’s what this issue of VitaPiù focuses on. To explores these topics, we reached out to the Sisters of the Canossian family around the world and asked them to gather witnesses, impressions, suggestions.

The answers reveal on the one hand how the Catholic Church and the Canossian family live the riches of various experiences, various aspects and places; on the other hand how the young all over the world share deep fundamental questions: about themselves, their place in the world, about life’s horizons and society.

The articles that you are going to read will take you on a journey around the planet, through different cultures and stories, but all sharing the same tension to life and the quest for the knowledge of self, of the other, of the meaning of life. Have a good journey!